The Crossflow Payments Quadrant - Where do you sit?

By Ian Ogilvie - May 03, 2022


There has been plenty of discussion recently around how the treatment of suppliers is becoming and increasingly important factor when considering a corporate's ESG rating. Being able to look through your supply chain to fully assess your ESG impact is a complex matter, however one are that can be easily assessed is that, as a corporate buyer, you are living up to your promises and making payment in a timely manner.

This may sound simple, but the fact of the matter is that over a quarter of invoices made by UK corporates are paid outside of agreed terms. To take a look at this issue, we have developed the Crossflow Payments Quadrant (CPQ) which enables corporates to measure their performance against over 5,000 other UK businesses that have reported on their payment practices.

Interested to know where you sit?

We can benchmark a corporate's performance against the UK average by plotting a position within the CPQ. Average performance in terms of time to pay stands at 36 days, whilst payments made outside of agreed terms is 26%.

CFOs must take action

With institutional investors paying increasing attention to supplier relations, it is only a matter of time before this factors into investment decision making. It's a problem that has become more acute during the pandemic and one that it is no longer possible to ignore.  

The good news is that by adopting an effective working capital programme it has never been more straightforward for corporates to tackle this issue head on and become a Treasured buyer. 

Our quadrant below provides some simple steps that a corporate can take in order to improve supplier relations and build greater resiliency throughout its supply chain.  




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